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NExt nraa webinar wednesday:
How Do You Measure Quality in Your Facility? Beyond the MAT

Wednesday, June 7
Review current CMS measures for dialysis facilities, including MAT, QIP, and Core Survey measures.

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  • In pediatrics we measure/plot heights monthly. Helen Currier, BSN, RN, CENP, CNN Director, Renal & Pheresis Services Chronic Hemodialysis|Home Dialysis|Acute Dialysis|Pheresis|Quality of Life Program |Renal Clinic|Allied Health Texas ...

  • I have done this with a couple patients with no problem. The issue will be that the higher salt level due to the water softener if you are using that type of system. ------------------------------ Tony Messana Executive Director Market Development Satellite ...

  • Is anyone currently doing Home Hemo using Fresenius equipment and a portable R.O. system with a patient that has a septic tank?  Also what do you do with the used bloodlines and dialyzer's ( Biohazard waste) ? Thanks for any help you may provide. ------------------------------ ...

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