ESRD QIP 1.0.0

CMS Measurement Review System: ESRD QIP 1.0.0 

CMS Extends QIP Preview Period to August 31, 2015

Earlier this summer, CMS has announced the newest release of the QIP measurement reporting and review system.  This system, which will be known as "ESRD QIP 1.0.0," replaces the ESRD QIP interface that was discontinued earlier this year. This new system will allow facility administrators and end users to review their facility's QIP score and ask questions before the QIP score is finalized. NRAA's press release on the ESRD QIP 1.0.0 system webinars can be downloaded here.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is informing the dialysis community that it will extend the ESRD Quality Incentive Program's (QIP) ongoing Preview Period for Payment Year (PY) 2016 for an additional two weeks, through 5:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time on Monday, August 31, 2015.  The CROWNMemo announcing the extension is here.


During the "Preview Period" the facility and network staff can review the QIP scores for Payment Year (PY) 2016 as calculated by CMS, compare the score to your own information, and ask any questions about the scores before the scores are finalized.  


To access the new system you had to have had your access set up in advance.  CMS set up three basic types of user roles for this new QIP system.


  • Facility Viewer - This is where multiple people from a facility can have read-only access to the facility QIP measures. Current CrownWeb user accounts will be mapped to the new system with this Facility Viewer role assigned so you do not need to do anything to access the system in this case.

  • Facility POC ("point of contact") -  This is a new and very important role and one that you need to get established in advance. There will only be one person per facility that can be assigned this role. One person may have this role for many different facilities. This is the only person who will be authorized to make inquiries on a score and will be the main contact for the QIP scores. The facility POC can in fact have multiple facilities tied to their single profile. So if you are an administrator for 10 different facilities (or more) you could now be able to access the QIP scores for all of them. This new role requires a set up in advance and the CMS help desk has staffed up to do this for each facility.

  • Network Viewer - This is where Network staff can see various facility scores.  Network staff with access to CROWNWeb will also have their accounts automatically mapped to the new ESRD QIP 1.0.0 system.  You'll need to simply update your QIMS profile on-line to include ESRD QIP to your list of applications.


NRAA hosted three webinars for both members and non-members on Tuesday, June 30, 2015; Monday, July 20, 2015; and Monday, Ausut 3, 2015.  NRAA members can access a recording of one of the presentations on the member resources section (login required). 


Download CMS' ESRD QIP 1.0.0 System's User Training Presentation here