RSE Benchmarking Tool 5.0 Now Available to NRAA Members

Webinar on September 1, 2015 Will Provide Education and Background to Assist Facility Leaders in Using this Critical Decision-Making Resource

August 20, 2015: NRAA members may download the RSE Benchmarking Tool 5.0 on Members Only. In addition, members are invited to register and attend an educational webinar on Tuesday, September 1, 2015, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern. Registration details are on NRAA Members Only.

This fifth release of the RSE Cost and Quality Benchmarking Reports includes data for 2010-2014 from Medicare cost reports, Dialysis Facility Reports and the Dialysis Facility Compare for all U.S. Medicare-certified dialysis providers, including a first look at the 2014 cost reports. Also new with this release, the report by region (Report 3) now includes an urban vs. rural split, and we have included a special analysis of rural vs. urban provider segments in this summary report.

In release 4.0, the benchmarking reports introduced hospital-owned and operated dialysis centers (HBDCs) data for the first time, including a special analysis comparing this unique provider segment to the “free-standing” non-hospital-based industry.

RSE periodically releases updated and relevant versions of this tool to NRAA members.

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