RSE 2017 ESRD PPS Calculator - Now Available!

How do you know MAC is paying you correctly? Our partners at Prima Health Analytics have updated the RSE ESRD PPS Calculator for 2017! Unlike CMS’s calculator, the RSE 2017 ESRD PPS calculator is easier to use and allows one to look at multiple patients at one time. 

Best of all - NRAA members can access this tool at no cost! 
The RSE 2017 ESRD PPS Calculator - 

  • Is designed to help our members reconcile Medicare payments. 
  • Quantifies the prospective payment decisions, calculations, adjustments and the like, based on real member data.
  • Helps facilities decide whether they should go all in under a bundle or to phase in.
  • Used as a forecasting instrument to gain an estimate of impact.
  • Analyzes the impact of PPS changes, beyond CMS generalization over the industry.


Accessing the Calculator
For 2017, the ESRD PPS Calculator has been streamlined and simplified for easier use and clearer presentation of results, and has been updated with new national benchmarking data derived from the RSE Benchmarking Tool. Further enhancements and additional functionality are planned for the 2018 and 2019 release.  To download, go to the Reimbursement folder in Tools & Resources of the NRAA members only website (login required).
Members can learn more about how to use this tool to benefit their facility by viewing the webinar from Friday, February 3, 2017 on Education Station.  The recording will be posted as soon as it is available and takes a few days to be posted after the live presentation.