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Marc Chow, NRAA Executive Director
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[Philadelphia, P.A. – March 15, 2017] In 2017, the National Renal Administrators Association (NRAA) celebrates 40 years of contribution to the dialysis and kidney care community. Since 1977, membership with our organization enables connections and an open exchange of best practices that strengthen our community. NRAA provides a voice for the independent and community-based dialysis provider, rooted in advocacy, education, and services.
With advocacy at the forefront, NRAA has spoken out in Washington D.C. for decades on behalf of independent and community-based providers.  Our Day on the Hill program brings providers and patients to the Hill for face-to-face meetings with key legislators. NRAA also provides tools and support to keep members involved and abreast with the issues being discussed on the Hill, which include the platform VoterVoice, a facility tour toolkit, a Political Action Committee, and weekly updates from our legislative council in Washington D.C.
“Moving forward into our 40th year, the NRAA will continue to advocate intentionally, proactively, and decisively to shape any future legislation affecting our industry. This is a focus for the organization and critical in the ever-changing political climate,” Karen Kelley, NRAA President.
Throughout our history, NRAA has provided relevant educational resources as part of our commitment to advancing the independent and community-based providers. Each year we host an in-person Spring Meeting, and Annual Fall Conference that includes a Workshop on Dialysis Management and Dialysis, Nephrologist and Facility Leader Symposium. In addition, NRAA Education Station provides dialysis and kidney care professionals with an on-demand resource for online education, it, houses recordings of live meetings and past webinars, and includes opportunities for continuing education units. 
The Renal Services Exchange (RSE) is an NRAA subsidiary organization. This arm allows the NRAA to develop and provide timesaving, cost effective service solutions. As a part of these on-going services, the RSE manages the NRAA HIE for CROWNWeb, which is the only kidney disease specific Health Information Exchange network today. Other services include benchmarking tools, ICH-CAHPS, and the RSE Bundle PPS Calculator.
"We are in a pivotal time of growth and momentum as we enter our 40th year. NRAA celebrates 40 years of contribution to the kidney care community and we are excited for the continued growth in 2017," Marc Chow, NRAA Executive Director.
NRAA members and its leaders continue to collaborate and innovate to help strengthen independent and community-based dialysis providers. Not only does NRAA provide a voice, education and services for kidney professionals, but it also strives to develop future leaders, cultivate open dialogue among colleagues, and be an active contributor to the community.
About NRAA
NRAA is a voluntary organization representing dialysis providers throughout the United States. Since 1977, the diverse membership is primarily comprised of small dialysis organizations and medium-sized dialysis organizations, as well as for-profit and non-profit providers serving patients in urban, rural and suburban areas in both freestanding and hospital-based facilities. NRAA is the leading resource and voice for the independent and community-based dialysis providers. For more information, visit